Team Building

This is an inspiring activities test initiatives, practical abilities, leadership and team-working skills in a fun-filled, conducive and vibrant environment.

The approach is learner friendly, centered and patterned to the experiential learning cycle where participants once presented with a concrete situation will be facilitated to reflect and make observations. This will then form the basis upon which participants will test the implications of what they observed and reflect upon back at their work place.

At appropriate time(s), the facilitator will help the participants to share and draw out lessons from their experience of the activities and relate the learning to their life and work situations.

Having had different training backgrounds, our facilitator bring in a wide variety of knowledge, skills, and expertise that allows them to work with different groups irrespective of their background, age or gender.

A lot of emphasis is placed on the debriefing process and results and relating it to the work place environment and life situations.

The ice-breakers include group mixers, warm-ups, energizers, and playful activities which bring out spontaneity, exuberance and laughter. The perfect way to start the day!

Participants realize and appreciate each others’ differences and potential. They learn harmonious ways to handle upsets and conflict. One of the cornerstones of experiential education and therapy is that we encourage people to try things that they wouldn’t ordinarily do on their own.

On successful completion, we do a comprehensive report that we send back to the companies.

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