White Water Rafting



One of the up-coming water sports in Kenya
Done under the command of an experienced river guide
Paddleboats are used unless otherwise requested
Participants leave Nairobi at 8.00 Am. from Norfolk Hotel and return to the same place at 1800hrs on the last day.
There is Idyllic Camp a site at the off points whether rafting or not the following facilities are available, 
Fishing, boat riding, bird watching, swimming for young kids, watered lawns to pitch the tents, plenty of shade, table and benches, toilets, and showers, fire grills, etc.
The excursion takes 4 hours but those willing to take more days can do so at additional cost.
Minimum group is four (4) and can leave any day.
NB Arrangements can be made to have you picked from wherever you are.

All boats are manufactured by Avon of the UK with a crew capacity of six people.
Life jackets and helmets are supplied.
Load boat carries a comprehensive first aid and medicated kit
Guides carry knives, throw bag, binas and pulley
Boats are paddled by participants themselves hence your participation is preferred.
A guide in each boat just gives commands and steers the boat.
Participants have the opportunity to bring cameras or videos in the waterproof boxes or rent the waterproof cameras from us.

Usually from 14 years with parental consent.
No upper limits and depends on the individual fitness and health.
No previous experience is required except for Muthoya North River.

Tana, Athi and Ewaso Ngiro rivers, each night a camp is set up on the scenic point either on the river or sandbank.
Tana, Athi and Ewaso Ngiro rivers are where rafting is done.
Tents are small type with air beds and sleeping bags, which are provided.

Shorts (swimming Costumes)
Shirts (long sleeved) pants for those with sensitive skins
A wider brimmed hat
A pair of fastenable shoes or teva type sandals
Sun Screen of factor 25 or more
Personal toiletries and Malaria Prophylactics as applicable
Optional - cameras, Gloves and socks (sunburn) Alight weight nylon rain jackets worn under your life jacket for cold weather or if it does rain while you are in the river
Spare warm clothes to change at the end of the trip because what you wear while on the boat will get wet

If you would like to be among the first to raft the magnificent White Nile and enjoy the spectacular rapids and scenery of this mighty river we can arrange it for you at an affordable price.

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