Kenya Hot air Balloon

Kenya Hot Air Balloon

The cost for the balloon Safari is from US$.485 per person for the year 2017

This is a pre-breakfast activity that will involve the following:

Early morning wakeup call between 0430hrs 0530hrs

Coffee or tea with cookies in your room before departing to the launching site

Pick up by the balloon company driver from your game lodge or camp with game drive en route

Briefing by the balloon flight pilot after boarding before take off

45 minutes to one hour in the air enjoying animals and landscape viewing

Champagne breakfast party  in the bush

After bush breakfast a game drive en route  to your game lodge

Why take a balloon ride?

Kenya hot air balloon safari in the Masai mara is the most unique experience in watching wildlife in the vast wilderness of this game reserve. It has an unrivaled advantage of being able to follow the animals even to the areas that might not be accessible by car. Floating in the air gives you the most ideal aerial view of entire land scape. The most amazing thing is that the flight can fly very low without distracting the animals. It is termed as the most eco-friendly way of game viewing while on a Kenya safari to Masai mara.

What time is the balloon flight?

Masai mara balloon ride normally done early in the morning before breakfast allowing you to enjoy the mild colorful golden brown rays of the rising sun from the eastern horizons of the African jungle. This is the best time to see the animals since they are all very active after an overnight rest. While the grazers are busy feeding on the grass, the predators are busy but quietly position themselves to identify their target for a kill to prepare their breakfast which is the best way to start a day. This creates a lot of exciting drama and chances of witnessing a fresh kill in action are very high

What to bring for the balloon flight

Sunglasses, camera with good memory card and binoculars. Since this activity takes place early in the morning warm clothes are recommended

Are children allowed on the hot air balloon flight?

Hot air balloon is family friendly although children below three years are not allowed. If you travel with a child blow under 3 years and would like to go for the experience most lodges and camps will provide baby-sitting service, some will charge a fee but for others it will be free

How big is the hot air balloon?

The balloons differ in sizes depending on the capacity which ranges are 16, 8 and 5, 8 and 16 passenger balloons. The passenger balloon I most appropriate to be taken on exclusive use by people on honeymoon, photographers or for special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

How to get to Masai Mara

We have two types of packages for the for the Kenya Masai mara tours as follows:

1.Driving to Masai Mara

The distance from Nairobi to Masai Mara is approximately 298 km for the closest lodge and 395 km to the furthest, driving time is approximately 4.5 to 5.5hrs respectively. Most sections of the road after Narok town are very bumpy.

The drive on Masai mara Kenya safari tour takes through the beautiful sceneries in the rift valley with escarpments, wheat and barley farms, and vast plains of savanna grassland forming most of the amazing landscape along the route. This give you a chance to interact with the local community.

2.Flying safari masai mara

The flying time from Nairobi is approximately 45 minutes, this is the fastest option allowing you to maximize on time in the mara game reserve. 

There are 2 flights every day in the morning and afternoon and this provides good flexibility

For all your balloon bookings and Masai mara safaris Kenya, please contact us for the best deals.