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Wildlife conservation and ecotourism are vital for Africa's future and the prosperity of its people. It is estimated that, over the next decade, tourism will become the single biggest contributor to Eastern African GDP, and the greatest creator of new and sustainable jobs on the subcontinent. At African Landmark Safaris Landmark Safaris Safaris we believe that we can help to protect Africa's threatened ecosystems, endangered species and the precious diversity of its wilderness area through our model of low impact, high yield responsible luxury adventure tourism.

Our core values have always been 'Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, Care of the People'. We believe that the wild spaces of Africa are a precious resource and that the only way to sustain them is through realising their true value. By placing an economic value on conservation and wilderness land, and ensuring that the local communities benefit from our activities, African Landmark Safaris can guarantee that these wild areas have a future. However, we can only do this by engaging with those communities and through maintaining the value of Africa's wilderness regions by ensuring exceptional guest experiences.